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got cash need stuff?
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Pawn Shop Value Estimator

PawnBat has a particularly unique Pawn Loan Estimator tool that is easy to use. Honestly, no one wants to gather their items, get dressed and make their way to a pawn shop in hopes of getting a loan, or going all over town to see what kind of offers you might be able to get. It is even worse if the weather is gross outside. Also if you need to try to find parking, or wait for a taxi or bus, or walk with the item(s) you want to pawn from store to store, it is all a long process and exhausting. With PawnBat’s Pawn Loan Estimator, you are able to type in the information of the item you are wanting to pawn and get an estimated dollar amount for the loan all while you sit in your pyjamas in the comforts of your own home.

Recent pawn loan requests

Looking To Pawn Other Stuff in SANTA ROSA (CA)
2016 dodge challenger Hellcat with 80k miles, concourse condition Would like to get $30000. Accept offers from pawn stores near me.
Preffer To Pawn Air Conditioner: Frigidaire "FFRE" in LOUISVILLE (KY)
Condition: LIKE NEW NO REMOTE CONTROL Would like to get $$54 - 89. Accept offers from pawn stores near me.
Preffer To Pawn Testers, Detectors in COLORADO SPRINGS (CO)
Autel im608pro2. Looking to get a loan against it Looking for $1300.00 or best offer from nearby pawn shops in COLORADO SPRINGS (CO).

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