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TV’s, Audio Systems Pawn Shop Value Estimator

One of the best ways to get a quick cash today is to use your TV as a collateral at the pawn shop. But hot to find out how much do pawn shops pay for TV? You can try to call few stores but they usually reply “Hard to say, bring it to the store”. But what if you have a huge TV, let’s say 50” TV, or 55”, or even 60”? It’s not quite convenient to bring it to each store just for estimates. And this is where we can help you. All you need is brand name (example: LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, etc), model number or screen size (in inches) of television, enter this information into our pawn value estimator and get the instant price.

Note: remember to bring remote control and all cords with you, it will help to save your time during the test at pawn shop and may get you more cash in your pocket.