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It is also locally owned. Language spoken is primarily English. It is a pawn shop which guest services include buy, sell and trade. jewelry, icluding broken jewelry, scrap, gold and silver, coins and watches, diamonds, LED TV, laptops, tablets, Apple products, cameras, Bluray players, top brand tools like Hilti, Makita, Bosch, work radios, video game consoles, guitars, amplifiers, drums, mixers, snowboards, hunting equipment, sport gears, paintball guns are always sought after here. Golden Eagle Pawn Shop sells you the items you want at prices you can afford. Staff at Golden Eagle Pawn Shop provide best deals for their retail customers.

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34 months John Marse
Always good service, never had a problem
36 months Im Aleve
The owner is not nice and will buy stuff from you that is way way under its value and the front desk lady is just about clueless on anything very rude and will never go back in the store. And the store is such a mess and trashy and possibly a fire hazard
32 months Rick Carr
Rude and very disrespect, bad customer service and threaten to call police cause we were trying to nogociate
35 months Kali Newby
I see a lot of bad reviews on here, but mine is not going to be a bad one. Mr. Kaufman is a very nice man if you don't go into the pawn shop acting like your items are worth more then they really are. ALL pawn shops take items for atleast half of retail,
33 months Dustin Hendricks
I go to the pawn shop anytime I need any car audio components and have always been able to get what I need for a decent price. They also have a lot of other good stuff, but you really have to look hard and dig. I’ve never been had any experiences selling

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741 Daleville Ave, Daleville, AL 36322, USA
(334) 598-2224
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